Use battery storage.
Increase power quality.
Improve energy efficiency.

What advantages can be gained at the moment
from battery storage systems and improving power quality
with regard to energy efficiency in general?


Those who improve the quality of their electricity supply are automatically winners.

Regardless of what drives industry and commerce in the future: Every vision is only as good as its efficient handling of energy. Power quality is a decisive key. Innovations are the fuel for growth and development. Innovations live due to energy. Those who consume less, are more innovative from the beginning. How is it possible to “consume less”? With greater knowledge of where the available energy goes. This is a competitive advantage that is available for everyone. Availability, voltage and stability of grid frequency, summarised as “power quality”, are the major variables when discovering unused savings potential. Auditing of processes, production, and administration according to the German Energy Services Act yields new insights that are rewarding.

Support with
ISO EN 50001

Are you aware of all options where auditing can provide a benefit for your energy sector? Experience what provides benefits.

Energy audit according to
EN 16247

Contributing towards climate protection. Achieving benefits that can be used to develop your own energy sector. This is how it’s done.

Grid of premises

Often, unused potential remains within the infrastructure on the premises. This is until analysis brings the facts to light.