• The future is being created in Wildpoldsried.

    With an intelligent power grid.

    Project IREN2: Topological power plant and Smart Grid prove how much more is possible.

  • District storage systems in the Allgäu region.

    The energy storage system of tomorrow, today.

    Project Elsa: Using storage systems in an uniquely efficient way. And connecting grids with the market.

  • Electricity comes from many sources.

    Success from existing networks.

    Take the path into the future of energy supply
    and reduce investment costs by 40%.

The technology is there. The knowledge is here. The time is now.

Grid Infrastructure, on which the future can build.

What is in there? Discover and exploit the potential. With grid analysis and measurement, validation, and application-based optimisation.

Industry Battery storage systems and auditing for new energy efficiency.

Which battery storage systems already have the solutions of tomorrow? Also, discover interesting opportunities for greater energy efficiency. Not to mention how new insights and knowledge can be gained from ISO audits.

Premises/Areas The energy revolution from below at the very top with success.

How much untapped potential is there in municipal buildings and quarters? Discover what is now possible due to battery storage systems and network stability.

egrid: an architect of the Energiewende

Research and development Think of a future that makes sense.

Think of an energy supply that is further advanced than we possibly ever conceived it to be. Daring and developing what is new. With research projects and innovation grids, with intelligent power grids, concepts for mobility, and storage solutions that span technologies.

The energy revolution, now! With intelligence instead of copper.


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